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    Hi - anyone have ideas on how to troubleshoot my 700p's reception? It appears that i loose signal easily and often even the the middle of cities (I am on VZW). I cannot believe this is normal for the 700p (I am not sure if it is getting worse or it is in my mind).

    Yesterday in the airport i was surfing the web and lost signal completely. a minute later i had 4 bars. I am often on interstates and loose signal or have 0 bars. this is very frustrating. I am not sure if this is the phone or network. ideas?
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    All I can think of is try updating the PRL (preferred roaming list). Dial *228, option 2.
    note: if you have done the 755 ROM update, *228 doesn't work, but you can use the CDMA Updater app to update the PRL. Just open the app, go into debug from the menu, and uncheck everything except "Update PRL", then tap OK and update.
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    Also - different carriers covers different ares better than others - maybe Verizon's coverage is poor in your area and say a company like Sprint might be better.

    Example; I use Sprint which has great coverage everywhere I go except my home :-( Verizon works best for me at my home but not so good every else for me.

    So what I ended up doing was buying a signal enahncer/repeater for my home and stayed with Sprint. So far so go - better than before, but wish it could be better.
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    The first thing to try is the PRL update (*228, option 2). This helps a lot.

    If after the new PRL doesn't work, you may want to hard-reset your phone, and maybe try it out without any 3rd party apps, unless you are 100% sure you don't have any app that handles the radio in any way.

    If possible, try to get someone to compare signal levels standing right next to you with another 700p (preferably) or any other VZW phone. If the difference with another 700p is big then perhaps your HW is damaged.

    I have similar problems to what you have, but my crazy theory is the following: if you have followed the 700p fiasco all along, you will remember they released an MR (ROM update) that would mess up data connectivity. They then re-released the ROM with a fix for that. The fix is actually a bad patch work that forces connections on the 1xRTT network even if you are in an EVDO coverage area, and then let the phone detect the EVDO after it has been connected so it can upgrade speeds. If in your area the coverage is spotty, the phone may be having trouble following which rule to follow and thus drop connectivity. Just a theory since my phone would always conect to EVDO solid at my home, but after the MR it first connects to 1xRTT and then upgrades to EVDO...
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