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    Hello All, I would like to use ringtones on my VZW 755p that are not "standard equipment". Do I use MP3s or WAVs? I tried putting files on the sd card, but that doesnt work. Can anyone explain how this is done? Thanks in advance

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    Vindic80r, there are all ready more than a few threads that discuss exactly what you have asked. A search for ringtones will get you going. Ben
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    Thanks Ben, that search returned 500 posts. I saw this one, I tried that method and the exact same thing is happening to me. I even did a hard reset without success.

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    Place MP3 on card. Run minitones and select the mp3 from the card. Done.

    I'm not sure if minitones can handle wav files. I never tried it.
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    If you want to use Minitones, you can only use .mp3 files, not .wav. Place both Minitones and the .mp3 files on your SD card and follow these directions
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    Must have been a bad conversion. I used a different MP3 to WAV converter, emailed it to myself and it worked. The WAV was large though-295kb. MiniTones looks like a must have. Thanks!

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