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    I'm trying to figure out a way to have a collectors checklist like the following one...

    on my Treo. I would like some sort of App that would have color photos and to be able to make notes on each item and "check" it off.

    Does anyone out there create programs like this for a reasonable fee or have any ideas about this? I'm NOT very tech-savvy so there may be some simple way to have this list on my Treo 700p that I'm completely missing...

    Thanks for your advice!

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    HandyShopper? (freeware)

    Despite it's name, it's a great general-purpose "list" software.
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    not sure if Bonsai will support pictures but its GREAT for outlines and lists. VERY powerful.
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    Im not sure if *any* of the above, or any others of the multitude of Palm list apps, allow for insertion of graphics.

    ListPro for WM does, but not the PalmOS version AFAICT.

    There's a very nice PalmOS flashcard app, StudyCard, that does allow for graphics, and which I guess could be a workaround for listing purposes, but you need to use it in conjunction with a Mac desktop version.

    Maybe some slideshow app could also be used?

    anyway, I hope someone has a proper solution to your problem


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    I think there is an application called 'Scrapbook' that will do exactly what you are desiring.

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    Thanks everyone! I will check these out, I like the idea of Handyshopper as I can put the value in the "price" section...even if can't do photos, that's something I can live without.

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