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    Im planning to a gps system..since i have a treo i can use tomtom right?
    now how does this software work?

    do i need an additional bluetooth gps reciever for my treo?
    what do i need to make it work?

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    You didn't specify what model Treo you have.

    You will need a GPS receiver, depending on the Treo model will determine whether you're better off with a wired GPS or a Bluetooth GPS.

    I have used both Garmin and TomTom on the GSM 680 and GSM Treo. TomTom for me tends to be more forgiving as to free dbcahce.
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    Your profile says that you have a 700p, so the Navigator 6 GPS package should have everything you need. I have this package and I like it a lot.

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