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    Before I got my Centro I had a Treo 700p with a 4GB Transcend SD card. Other than the stability and other problems associated with the 700p, it worked well enough that I used it daily for playing music, videos and listening to audio books.

    One of my most frequen use cases has been to use AudibleAir and AudiblePlayer to automatically download the morning edition of the Wall Stree Journal and then I would listen to it on my way to work.

    After upgrading to my Centro I had to buy a microSDHC card since I could no longer use my old standard-size SD card. I ended up buying the Kingston 4GB class 4 microSDHC card. I figured since it is a class 4 card, the performance should be good and Kingston is a well known brand so it should be reliable.

    At first I didn't notice any obvious problems. I used my PC and a card reader to copy the large files to the drive and once installed into my Centro it seemd to be fine. However, after a couple of days I realized that all was not well...

    The biggest and most obvious problem was that when I would delete large files (5 MB or larger) on the SD card it would lock up my Centro. Eventually I realized that it wasn't frozen, it was just taking a VERY, VERY LONG TIME to delete the large files. A 5 MB file might take 5 minutes before I could use my Centro again, and a 50 MB file....well, it was easier to just remove the battery to reset the Centro. If I reset my Centro by removing the battery the file would appear to be gone so I was under the impressoin that it must be a problem with my Centro or some other application on my Centro.

    However, I was unwilling (due to the time and effort) to do a hard reset and troubleshoot the problem so I suffered with it for months until I did some research here and found out that several other people were having similar issues with the Kingston cards.

    Since I heard mostly good things about the SanDisk 6GB and 8GB microSDHC cards (both Class 4), I bought the 8GB card last week.

    I can now say that my card-related performance problems have pretty much vanished. Deleting a 10MB file now takes between 3 and 10 seconds rather than 5 to 10 minutes. Also, copying files to the card (such as when downlaoding audiobooks using AudibleAir) is probably at least 2 to 4 times faster with the SanDisk card than with the Kingston card.

    I'm still not sure what the exact problem is with the Kingston card, and it is possible the problems are largely limited to the Centro since I didn't notice any obvious issues when using the card on my PC with a card reader (certainly nothing like the problems I was having with my Centro).

    In any case, the moral of the store (at least for me) is to stay away from Kingston microSDHC cards when looking for a card for my Centro.

    Hopefully this informatoin will help others avoid the frustration I experienced.
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    Yeah I think there have been a lot of Kingston sd card trouble posts on the 755p board also.

    I've had the Sandisk 6gb microsd for quite a long time and have had no problems whatsoever on multiple devices with it.
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    I had considered the 4GB SanDisk microSDHC card, but it is Class 2 instead of Class 4. I'm not sure how much (if any) difference that would make with the Centro, but I didn't want to take any chances...and the extra storage is always nice since I can fit more TomTom maps on the card.
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    Not sure, but my VFSmark is quite high, around 1095 or so.
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    Had 3 kingston cards die on me before finally switched to A-data and Sandisk.
    Stay away from kingston, at least their claas 4 cards, the latest replacement I've got from kingston is not recognized by treo half of the time. kingston rep told me Treo is now officially unsupported device for their cards
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    I guess I'm glad I bought Sandisk then!

    Thanks for the heads up!!
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    I have the same problem deleting large podcasts from my centro - here are my results for deleting a 53mb file with multiple cards:

    Kingston 2gb SD card - <1sec deletion - VFSmark 1100
    Adata 4gb SDHC card 58 sec deletion- VFSmark 887
    Transcend 4gb SDHC card 90 sec deletion- VFSmark 824
    Patriot 4gb SDHC card -99 sec deletion- VFSmark 685
    Kingston 4gb SDHC card -205 sec deletion- VFSmark 734

    This has to be a centro issue - I tested on my wife's centro and it was the same. I don't know if I want to pony up the extra money for the Sandisk or if I should just stick with the 2 gb SD card. Any suggestions?
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    Actually just found the solution to my problem here:
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    Got myself a Kingston 4G MicroSD yesterday. Should've read this thread 1st and get the Sandisk to save the trouble.

    Inital copy & paste via my netbook was ok. Played some mp3s via Pocket tunes, videos via TCPMP & read some docs via DTG. Not until I attempted to backup via NVBackup 1.21. Backup went fine (can see backup completed). But a few seconds after backup was completed, my Centro can't read the MicroSD anymore. Removed & reinserted the MicroSD then it is ok again. Did another backup (just to confirm) - and the same thing happened again.

    Later reformated with the Panasonic formatter but sadly getting same results. The card is fine while playing the saved files (mp3s, mpeg, DTG) but just not with NVBackup (so far).

    Will try for another week before getting the Sandisk.
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    SD cards could be tricky

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