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    I found the following in some documentation and wanted to post it to the forum. Of course I did not find it until I had already semi-wiped the phone. :-/

    Performing a Soft Reprovision

    NOTE: You will need to re-sync all of your e-mail folders using the fetch command
    Enter the Good debugger
    For PPC, WM and Treo devices with a full keyboard, open the Good Launcher and type "debug" on the keyboard
    The debugger will open
    Type in "reprov", hit enter
    Type in "yes", hit enter
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    REPROV is a useful cmd but keep in mind it isn't the solution for all issues. if a device has not synced for a long time (out of country or turned off) or you suspect a minor corruption issue then REPROV may just fix it especially if the user is traveling or has a hard time following instructions to hard reset\reinstall using a freshly created GMM account.

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