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    i tried to set up my school (virginia commonwealth university) email with versamail. i got everything entered &nd i thought it was downloading the messages in my inbox. come to find out everytime i launch versamail it says "email has encountered an error (error_no_message_found). please try your action again" &nd then displays it again before closing completely. this happens each time i do it. advice or solutions from anybody? PLEASE?!
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    pop or imap? ssl?
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    its imap and i'm not sure about the ssl. i can't even get into my settings to look it up.
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    Do you have your email set up in Outlook, Thunderbird, Outlook Express or some other email client? We can use that for a comparison.
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    Did you ask your school's IT department for help?

    The should have some sort of email setup FAQ somewhere.
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    I don't have my email set up in Outlook or anything else. We have to check our mail using a Webdirect website. I'm pretty sure the IT department doesn't condone using Versamail. They have a website just for PDAs but its such a hassle to start up the web and all that.
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    Do they allow any email clients to check email or only just the web. If its only just the web, I'm not sure if there is anything we can do other than suggest you forard it to another account that you can set up on the treo.

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