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    I was wondering how many of you were using Mundu prior to the upgrade.

    I am ecstatic that now you can leave away messages on AIM.
    But I am having a much bigger problem.
    Now, when I use my phone Mundu disconnects me.
    I never had this problem before the upgrade. % minutes in to a phone conversation, a pop and a vibrating sound, alerts me and says I've been kicked off mundu.
    I have the prefrences to reconect me automaticlly, but it doesn't seem to do it.
    does anyone have this same issue???

    Another thing that bugs me is that I can leave a long away message on MSN and Yahoo... but once i pass the box on AIM it causes my phone to reset.
    Dose this happen to anyone else???

    And finally, Is there away to read other people's away messages???
    I am only able to read what's in the box, but I can't seem to scroll past that.
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    I was using mundu before the upgrade and now as well. When I would use the phone, it would disconnect me, and it probably did the same to you but you just didn't notice it. I like this version because it actually lets me know I was disconnected. I'm guessing you have a sprint Treo because the disconnects seem to be related to the phone losing it's data connection - an issue discussed on here some time ago. The previous version's "auto-reconnect" feature never worked so I would open up Mundu to see who's online and whatdaya know.......I wouldn't be connected. They've definitely worked out most of the bugs with this feature in this release! :-)

    In regards to the away messages, I've never experienced any issues with the length of my away message, aside from the fact that you can't see what you're typing once the cursor advances past the established view. I've never tried leaving different messages for each protocol; I usually leave the same message for all protocols.

    And lastly, I also hate the fact that when you click on "contact details" you are only able to read the first line of their away message and you can't scroll to read the rest of the message.

    But I must say, Mundu has definitely stepped their game up with this update and I'm pleased we finally have a viable solution to IM on our Treo's!

    Good Day,
    Handspring Visor w/Sprint Mobile Card --> Sprint Treo 300 --> Sprint Treo 600 --> Sprint Treo 650 --> Sprint Treo 755p

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