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    This may be an old question to most here...I am working to syn my treo 650 with ACT 6.0 and also with palm desktop. Is there a way to sync ACT 6.0 with palm desktop then I could do the normal hotsync with desktop and treo 650? Or do I need to scrap the palm desktop....???

    Thanks for any advice or suggestions!
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    I have a Sprint Treo 650 and Act! 6.0 and am able to keep all 6700 contacts in Act! sync'd to my Treo (my Contacts db on the Treo is 3.7 MB). After many failed attempts using other software solutions, I finally got Act! to synch, but I did have to buy a program called DoubleLook by CompanionLink Software.

    Your setup isn't exactly the same as mine though, as I synch with Outlook 2003, not with the Palm Desktop. The DoubleLook software sync's Act! with Outlook on the desktop PC & then I synch the desktop outlook to contacts on the Treo. It also sync's the Act! calendar on the desktop with the Treo's calendar.

    Obviously, you have to have Outlook on your PC for this solution to work.

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