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    Is there a way to hide unwanted Icons on the Sprint Treo 755 such as Sprint Store, Quick Tour, My Treo?
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    Yea, I have changed my unwanted icons to the Unfiled category.
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    If you use an alternate launcher, you can hide entire categories. So I just put all my unwanted stuff in the Unfiled category, and hide/bypass that category with the launcher.
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    You can hide the extras in the Unfiled category.

    As I see my peers have already suggested (better late then never).
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    Or use this. After install, it will be in Prefs. Enjoy.
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    Thanks ChemEngr, the file worked prefectly. That was exactly what I wanted.
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    Whoa never knew about this app thanks. works like a charm
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    It does a good job of hiding apps in the stock launcher, but if you buy another 3rd party launcher or other apps that review all the apps on your device, they will all show up again. Fortunately many of the 3rd party launchers have the ability to hide apps as well.

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