Used Good for a year or so on a palm OS treo.

Recently moved to windows mobile.

On the palm- Good always started after a reset. Is there a way to get Good to always start after a windows reset?

running Good on WM6

seems "gmdmonitorapp.exe" always runs (I guess that's the defense locker thingie?) but if I add goodlauncher.exe to my startup items it doesn't seem to load

One time I think it tried but it wanted a pin and I wasn't there to enter so it gave up- so I'm guessing good defense is locking the device before good messaging can start? I tried to move goodlauncher in front of gmd but gmd wont allow it- which i guess is wise so nothing can get in front of gmd to screw with the device. But how do i get the messaging part to turn itself on- Is there an option someplace?