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    I wanted to officially press release PowerGrid for Palm OS. A new game for your palm that is sure to keep you addicted and coming back for more in your few minutes of free time here and there. We began a port of our popular GP32x game only two weeks ago and we are already nearing a beta phase - a form to enter the beta can be found: Power Grid Beta Test.

    PowerGrid is an addicting puzzle game that can be played with stylus, or with your fingers just as easily. Your goal is to light up the building as much as possible by connecting the power source to each floor of the building.
    Your score increases is multiplied based on how many floors you manage to light at once and there are multiple game modes to choose from.

    Classic: In classic mode, your goal is to make connections to the building as fast as possible. You are racing against a timer to connect a certain amount of floors (determined by the level you are on which ranges 1-40) before the timer reaches the bottom. You twist each game block using your stylus or D-Pad. As you get further into the game, you have to complete more connections and other obstacles begin to show up and get in your way.


    Arcade: Arcade mode spices the game up a bit. You start with only a few pieces on the game board. Pieces fall from the sky and can be rotated as they fall to the bottom to create the connections you are in need of to complete each level. Once a piece has hit the game board, it can no longer be rotated.

    Gambit: In Gambit mode, you compete to beat your high score. Level's do not change, but instead the gameplay is more puzzle-based. We are re-writing how this mode works and will update as soon as we have it ready.

    That being said, we are looking for a release on June 1st, 2008. However, we may have it ready mid-May as a small treat to the Palm community. Let us know what you think about the game (by the way, the sound is not apart of the game, I just added it for effect. Sound is currently being developed and tweaked).

    You can visit our site at: - OneSpot Games for Palm OS for more information.
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    Updated: New Artwork now available.

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