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    I can no longer get my Treo 755 to autolock, or bring up the options when pressing Auto Lock Device in the Security Application. It just stays at "After 30 minute(s)".

    I do have a password set and it should be asking me for that, then letting me choose from a few options, like lock on power off. But it's unresponsive.

    If I remove my password, I do get the message that to use autolock I need to have a password, but after I reset the password, autolock is set to the 30 minute option. The crazy thing doesn't autolock after 30 minutes either...

    Anyone have a clue why?
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    The default security application has always been a bit flaky. Something is probably blocking it, a third party application recently added. I suggest a backup of the device and then a hard reset to determine if it still happens.

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    Could try a 3rd party locker, like TealLock
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    The 3rd party security application after determining if the device has a problem. I also use Teallock.


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