I'm a LONG time Palm user. Happy with my 650 since it combines the best of all, and Palm had a vision that no one else had ... then ... that vision got cataracts. My 650 is aging .. having some hardware issues. NO problem ... I'll just buy the latest Palm ... oops ... it hasn't really been updated since the 600 came out.
My FAVORITE and most important function is that when I label contacts or calendar items as Private, they don't sync with Outlook on my server at work (when I use Chapura).
Does anyone know if the latest Palm OS, and/or 755p/700p will still be supported by Chapura? ... does Palm's own PIM suffice? Are private items still REALLY private? Marking something as Private on the Windows version still transfers it to the server.
What's left for a Palm user who LOVES the OS, feels when Palm finally releases something else, it will already be a dinosaur.
ALSO .. I have Verizon, which has the BEST coverage .. BUT ... seems to never get the Palm releases first, so by the time the Dinosaur gets to Verizon, it's extinct.
What other phones can keep my Outlook sync's private, edit docs (Word/Excel) and use Avantgo???? Any ideas ..? I'm frustrated, & can't understand how Palm can continue to self destruct.