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    On my work computer i installed palmdesktop. I sync my phone, but none of my photos are being backed up. Isn't there supposed to be a icon on the right hand side of palmdesktop called media?

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    you have to use the desktop from the cd, the downloaded ones don't have media -- maybe the newest one for vista has it though. I haven't read the release notes.
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    Please remove UberCalendar and google sync behavior patches prior to system updates.
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    Extra conduits are not included in any downloadable version of Palm Desktop as each device model may have different versions and combinations of non-PIM applications. You must use the original install CD.
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    thanks for the info! my buddy has the cd, and he has a treo 680. would thaty work, or is it "attached" (serial number) the his phone only?
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    Yes, unfortunately the downloads from do not include the media portion of Palm Desktop. However, here is a helpful post that could be very useful for you:

    These full disk downloads include the media portion, just like on the CD.

    Hope this helps!
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    i used that, and now it has my media backed up. thanks!!!!!

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