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    I've been using the Treo 650 since it first came out and invested quite a bit on palm software which have worked great for me. Recently my phone has started giving me problems so I think it's about time I buy the latest thing Palm is offering. But the Centro? It looks horrible and from what I understand has a smaller screen and keyboard keys. So I'm curious how many here have switched from a Treo 650 to Centro and had a positive experience? I use my phone a lot for surfing the web and checking emails and typing is my major concern.


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    I made the switch and glad that I did, but based on your posting, you may be a bit biased against the Centro. There are other threads here talking about this very subject, and most of those that switched from 650 to Centro are happy. Try using the search in this forum on "switch" and "650" should bring them up.
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    It's a significant upgrade. It's rock solid and uses 3G. The keyboard and screen are excellent.
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    I just made the switch this weekend...I too had my Treo 650 since it was released and actually quite liked it. I only had problems with the 650 once before this last week and figured now it was finally time to change over to the 700series or the Centro if it was comparable to the Treo...I ended up with the Mogul and returned it less than 24 hours later - *hated* it!

    I marched back to Sprint and got the Centro and love it with the exception of what seems to be a much shorter battery life than the Treo...granted the battery probably has less capacity but I could go a day or so on the 650 surfing, e-mailing, texting and playing games...from a full charge at 9am this morning I am now at 60% battery and it is 4:30 - mind you I am at work and haven't even been using the phone all that much....I have since turned off the aut-sync of VersaMail to cut down on battery usage...

    One little thing is the stylus (which i rarely is ever use), the quality is that of a plastic coffee stirrer!

    Overall I am very happy with the phone, although I have only had it for a bit over 24 hours at this's just like the 650 but smaller. I am reallu loving the size of this phone...maybe I just have to get accustomed to the lesser battery life after being spoiled on the Treo 650.
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    I upgraded from T650 to Centro on Monday last week (22-Apr-2008) due to breaking my trusty T650 over the weekend, and the Sprint store essentially saying: "we can't fix your 650, can't get you a T755p, here's a Centro, hope you like red".

    I'd been planning to migrate to a T755p, but given the above, and needing a phone that day, I said OK. AFAICT the Centro is "under the hood" essentially the same as a 755p, except it has 64mb memory (the T755 has more? IIRC).

    My only quibble at this point, having used it for a week, is the keyboard is smaller, and is taking some getting used to. But it isn't impossibly small for me (I have "medium" sized hands, and some amount of fingernail). It might be for someone with really big hands/fingers and/or no fingernails.

    Given that my upgrade from T600 to T650 two years ago was somewhat tricky to get right, I checked these forums before proceeding. All I could find was a link to the Palm site, which essentially says "..load the included software on top of any installed Palm software you have, and then sync the phone."

    Here's a link..

    Article ID: 13569
    Upgrading to a new handheld: Transferring PIM data, re-installing third-party applications (Windows)

    So, that essentially worked for me right out of the box. A key aspect is though that I use BackupBuddy, and so I needed to, after the initial sync, to run BackupBuddy on my Windows VM (which I use only for my palm stuff) and do something such that it would recognize the new unit.... IIRC I think I went and got the latest version of BackupBuddy I'm entitled to given my license, installed it, and then sync'd again, and it took care of re-installing all my third-party apps and transferring over my saved T650 prefs that are applicable to the Centro (e.g. my overall user interface color "theme" (Autumn)).

    I've played with most every app except USBmodem -- need to try that -- and all work, though I don't use anything too wacky I guess. My kids are pleased that the Zap! game from my T600 is still there

    Web browsing is markedly faster -- e.g. loading the Google News text-only page. The CPU/system seems overall faster -- AvantGo pages load much more quickly.

    I've loaded Java MIDP and Opera Mini, and increased my AvantGo cache sizes, and still have 37mb available. This is awesome -- I was really "cramped" by the T650's limited size.

    Also, IIRC, the T755p uses "miniSD" cards, and I don't know if it is "SDHC" compatible -- so the Centro, which is "SDHC" compatible, and employs "microSD" format cards, may offer greater range in expansion memory size (this needs verification).

    Oh, only other downside is the crummy, flexible, plastic stylus. See other threads here for folks figuring out options on dealing with that.

    Hope this helps.
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    There are two ways to look at the problem: You drink the elixir of Centro (some call it kool aid) and take the plunge , or you take the elixir of reason (I call that beer) and avoid the jump by selecting something else. I'll try to highlight the positives for the Centro, but at the same time I'll contrast it to other PalmOS devices (mainly 755p) so you can check your alternatives. So you understand where I am coming from, I went from a 600 to a 700p which is in esence a very similar move you are trying to do.

    If you are in a GSM contract (you did not mention your carrier), the Centro is verbatim to the 650, in the sense that both do not support 3G speeds. If you are, however, in a CDMA carrier, the Centro does have 3G speeds in its favor and that may be an attractive plus. Quite a plus I might add. However, CDMA carriers also have the 755p which has same screen and relative size as the 650 (sans antenna), plus a slightly larger battery life than the Centro (but not equal to the 650); all of which runs at 3G goodness.

    It does not mater how folks want to spin it, the battery life for the Centro is poor, period. This was a sacrifice Palm did when going to the 7XX series, extended batteries became almost mandatory. Never I had a battery problem with my 600. The downside of the 3G speeds is that battery does not last as long as one would like. For a Centro you are tying yourself to buying extra batteries, as there isn't nor will ever be extended batteries for it. For a 755p you have the option of getting a Seidio extended battery to get good battery life during the day.

    If you have a pattern of usage that you are acustomed to, it will be difficult to re-educate yourself to not "overuse" your phone to save battery life. If you are a GSM user you may not feel the pain as the Centro is not breaking any speed records so you may get away with moderating your phone usage; but in CDMA camp you will become addicted to 3G and you will chug battery happily.

    The ergonomics seems to be on your bad side, as you have mentioned in your forum entry. I have tested the Centro myself at the store, and the typing is just not happening for me. The device does feel better in the hand however, the size is very accomodating specially when coming from a traditional Treo form-factor. The rounded shapes are quite unique after having dealt with the boxy 600/700p. The Screen is small, but at least is crisp. It is however difficult to use the touchscreen given it's size if you use your tumb (or nail) for selecting items. I am sure you have done this many times in your 650. Again, the 755p makes things much easier coming from the 650 ergonomically speaking (size wise is almost 1-1). Heck, even in GSM camp they have the 680... do people still use that?

    Another thing to consider is the SD card. Centro uses mini cards and that right there limits what you can do with it. If you have an extensive SD collection... you are out of luck and will have to buy new stock. If you have old apps that live in SD (GPS maps from the old Tom tom series) again, you will not be able to use them.

    So there, on the table the options you have: Go for a Centro with the caveats highlighted and experience what I mentioned above; or go for the 755p and again experience what I described above. When you upgrade a phone, you want to go forward (hence the UP-grade), not backwards. This is specially true for the Treo family sice the 700p. None of the devices were a huge leap forward (except CDMA version with 3G) so don't expect any groundbreaking experiences when selecting either option.
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    If you ask 5 different people you will get 5 different answers. Most everyone that has a Centro likes it and likes it a lot. If you have ever ordered something off the internet and then when it came you said, "that's not that I expected." I say go test drive one. That's the only way you will know for sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NellieRose View Post
    I marched back to Sprint and got the Centro and love it with the exception of what seems to be a much shorter battery life than the Treo...granted the battery probably has less capacity but I could go a day or so on the 650 surfing, e-mailing, texting and playing games...
    The 650 had much better battery life than later-generation models, including the Treo 680 and the Centro. However, I found that the Centro lasts about 30-40% longer than the 680 I previously had.

    As a side-note: if you have the choice, go for a GSM Treo (e.g. if your provider isn't Sprint...). From what I've read, the GSM version has much better battery life than the EV-DO devices. My GSM/EDGE Treo easily lasts me through a day. It typically uses about 30-40% per day with DirectPush and Bluetooth enabled if I use it moderately (30 minutes of music + ebook reading, 15 minutes of browsing, about 50 emails in + out, 20 minutes of playing games, 10 minutes of usage as a modem, 2-3 calls).
    Our network coverage in Switzerland is excellent, though (not so difficult to achieve, considering the size of the country :-), so that may be resulting in better battery life as well. EDGE is very much ok - you'll only notice a difference in surfing-speed (compared to EV-DO) when using the Centro as a modem.

    As for the screen and the keyboard: the screen is great (seriously). I don't know why but I don't seem to notice much of a difference between the Treo 680's and this one's. That's perhaps because it has the same resolution. But it's also very bright and well-readable in sun-light. The keyboard, well... I was having trouble typing on it in the beginning but after a couple of days I'm comfortable enough to type longer e-mails. There's no need to put lipstick on the pig: it's smaller and the 650's or 680's keyboards are more comfortable - but the Centro's is by no means unusable. Unless you regularly type very long texts, it's not that much of an issue.

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    And frankly with new technology things change. My extended battery handles extensive phone calls, email and heavy usage of HanDBase and DTG. If you want small, the Centro. If you want big, the 755P. They both fit different needs.

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    Hi All,

    Thanks so much for all of your valuable input. Sorry I forgot to mention I use AT&T.

    I had no idea about the battery life being so much worse for the Centro. I can get my 650 to work from 9Am to 7pm with a good amount of use surfing the web and playing games as well.

    So far from all the responses I've gotten and from reading the reviews of Centro I think I will stay away from Centro. Sadly I think I will have to join the Windows Mobile group and get an AT&T Tilt or something.

    I can't believe people at Palm are such.... how do I put this.. idiots.. when it comes to releasing their new line of products. How is Treo 680 better than 650 beats me. Sorry to be venting but it's really frustrating when these companies treat business smart phones like toys.

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    I plan on going from my 3 year old 650 right to the Centro the very day Verizon releases it. No qualms about it. Touched it, used it, all for it... just waiting on VZW.
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    Well, the Centro isn't marketed as a business smartphone.

    The Tilt is supposed to be a good phone though, probably can't go wrong.

    I'm waiting on the Samsung Instinct and will either switch to that, the 800w (still wary of WM though) or stick will my 755p until the HTC Raphael releases.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nutrigm View Post
    Sadly I think I will have to join the Windows Mobile group and get an AT&T Tilt or something.
    I happen to use a Tilt as well (we use those at work). Well, it's an HTC TyTN II really, but it's the same device. All I can tell you: the battery life SUCKS on that one if you use 3G networking. GSM is a bit better but not much. It's about the same as on the Centro - won't last you two full days if you have DirectPush and Bluetooth enabled. It's 3G, that's a plus. But it's (like all Windows Mobile devices) extremely counter-intuitive to use. It's feature-packed, has a bigger (but low-resolution) screen but it's also extremely heavy. It feels like a brick in the pocket. I also can't get used to having to slide out the keyboard every time I need to enter text, add an appointment etc. As for the latter: the built-in calendaring tool is hideous. I bought AgendaOne for it but it still takes about 3 times as long to enter appointments as on Palm OS.

    Before you buy it: make sure you get to try it out carefully at an AT&T store.

    I secretly set up my Centro for usage on our MS Exchange servers and leave the TyTN at home... If you can, wait for the first WM 6.1 devices, they're supposed to be easier to use.

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    I fully understand that and that was a turn-off when I started looking. However, having used it for just short of 3 months, for what is literally hours a day with HanDBase. Documents to Go, ChatterEmail, Datebook 6, Epocrates, and a bunch of other applications that are mainly work applications, it does very well and is truly one-handed, which the Tilt is not for most of us and also has its own set of issues.

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    Palm is not perfect, but WinDoz. Talk about problems... You'll be back.
    Really, I hope you don't do that. Really.
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    I got a Centro just a few days ago. I think it's great. This is my 3rd Treo(Centro/650/600), and my 5th Palm device(had a IIIx and an i-705 before the 600). Had a BB Curve for a week, returned it and got the Centro. Didn't like the trackball. I've never had a serious problem w/anything from Palm.

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    I switched from a Treo 650 to Centro, both on AT&T.

    VERY happy with Centro, in spite of some minor obvious cheaping-out on manufacture. Double the available memory, runs all the software I already bought, and I can leave off the utility belt without donning cargo pants.

    Yes, the data rate is so slow I still think twice about opening a browser. Usable, though.

    I use the Centro all day, but charge it every day, so I have only wanted the spare battery once.

    The slightly smaller screen is not an issue at all, and I'm *way* nearsighted.

    The keyboard is easy for my average-size hands, I make good use of fingernails. If I need to type a paragraph, the whole unit can get a little crampy to hold. Graffiti in MobileWrite goes faster than I can type anyway.

    Hope that gives some encouragement to others outgrowing a T650.
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    Hey jgassaway,

    Give me the low down on the curve, and why you returned it. I have 3yr old 650 on vzw. Looking at curve and centro. Curve just released, centro 'supposed to be coming in a month'.

    Biggest thing I don't like about 650 was size, antenna sticking out, and wt. Other than that, its been rock solid.

    Like the size of the curve, keys have better seperation. I am not a heavy user of email, use the phone first as a phone, use da (now moved to tryda) and some other apps on pos. Calendar, pwd keeper, note taker, etc.

    I am assuming I could get used to a trackball, though I played with pearl and it seemed funny. To browse, I couldn't just touch my finger into the web address and start typing, it seemed more work to do things like this, but I am sure given time it would be np. Been reading BB forums, and those guys love their crackberries!
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    I'm also mulling a switch from the 650 to the Centro. My wife has been wanting a new phone, and she's been frequently stealing my 650 to play games. I figure getting her a Centro would kill two birds with one stone. The catch is that AT&T (our current carrier) has a 2 for 1 deal on the Centro, which means I would get one too. But, I don't really want to upgrade my 650, I'm perfectly happy with it. The smaller size would be nice, as would the better camera, but there is no compelling reason to upgrade. What I really want is a phone with wifi capability, but I'm not sure that exists right now (or in the foreseeable future).

    Battery life is important to us, especially to my wife (a dying battery on her phone is a major driving force to the upgrade). I do not use internet or email on my 650, and would not on the centro either. Does this mean I would get similar battery life with the Centro? I can currently go 2-3 days easily without charging, and can count on one hand the number of times I've been below 40% charge (I'm not a heavy user, obviously).

    At the end of the day, a free upgrade is a free upgrade. But I'm curious what I'm getting the two of us into.
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    jbinbi, I had a Curve for about a week. Couldn't get used to the trackball. Seemed to take a lot longer to get somewhere, where on a Treo you could just click w/the stylis and you were there. Centro is easier to use and that's what I'm used to. Keyboard isn't too small, unless you have a lot of typing @ one time to do(like an email). Battery life is a little less than the 650 I had, but I have Sprint TV/Radio now, so that has a lot to do w/it. So far I'm happy w/the Centro, and it's smaller and it does not have an external antenna, fit better in the pocket.

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