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    My subscription to expired this weekend. When I went to the website to renew, I had a devil of a time finding any indication it still existed, other than old press announcements. Finally came across this page, which at the bottom states their .net products are "currently unavailable".

    I have an e-mail in to them but was wondering if anyone knows more about it?
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    Either the registration must have filled up or they are moving again to another server.
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    Thank God mine is good until 10/10
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    Got the following message from "Bobby" at Blue Nomad Sales:

    Thanks for your message.

    We apologize, but BB.Net subscriptions or renewals are no longer available. We recommend using BackupBuddyVFS Professional as an alternative to backup to a memory card. You can purchase at a discounted price as a previous customer with

    BackupBuddyVFS Professional 4

    Guess they weren't pulling enough subscriptions. Damn, having that net access saved my **** more than once.
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    A device based backup resource is much more efficient that over the air. Over the air means you gotta be in an area with coverage. Device based means from the card - much more efficient.
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    Not to mention backup apps support FTP access anyhow, like NVBackup.

    Not that hard to setup your PC as an ftp AND have local backups on the sd card.

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