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    I am writing this because this community has been very helpful in providing insight on issues... I NEED to get my contacts to sync... but they won't! My tasks and memos do, but not CONTACTS. What have I goofed up/done wrong/overlooked? I have tried to uninstall and reinstall, but to no avail; can anyone provide insight? Thanks.
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    What are you trying to sync to? Palm Desktop? Outlook? Exchange Server?
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    The first step to try when contacts, or any other conduit is not syncing, really is to uncheck the item(s), sync and then recheck the item(s). To uncheck, connect the treo to the pc and wait for the syncronization to complete. Then in activesync on the pc, go to tools, options, and uncheck the item(s) and click ok. Wait for sync to finish then go back and recheck the item.

    The other option is to delete the partnerships and setup activesync again. With the treo unplugged from the cable, go to activesync on the pc and click file, delete mobile device. If you have multiple partnerships for one device, delete them all. If you would like to keep the sync file folder, choose not to delete it, and then go to my documents on the pc, locate your sync file folder and rename it or copy the folder to another location (or even both options). Then on the treo, go to start, programs, activesync. Select 'menu' and then 'options' and delete Windows PC. If you have multiple partnerships listed under options, delete everything except the Exchange Activesync partnership. Now reconnect the treo, and when you come to the list of things to synchronize, uncheck everything. Allow it to syncronize with nothing first, then on the pc go to tools and options and check the items you would like to sync.
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    Suggestion, and question.

    I ended up beaming all of my contacts from my old palm to my centro, by beaming the "all" category.
    But if you coming from something other than palm it is probably of little use to you.

    my second question

    is to how to even access the conduits?

    in the hotsync manager for my centro this ability seems to be deleted, is their some way of accessing it that has changed since my zire?

    I also had it associate the voice recorder conduit from the zire to the centro for some reason, but again I am unawar how to access this on the current release of palm desktop (which is 6.22)

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