Hoi Community,

I love my litte sound machine from Altec, the one formerly sold for the Treo650. Luckily it works also flawlessly with my TX but with the 680 and now the Centro I have some problems.
The Treo680 missed most of the time switching itīs sound-output to the multiconnector when I plugged it into the device. Most of the times I played a little bit with internal handsfree function and somehow it worked.
The Centro works always immediatly but when unplugged, sound output does not switch back to internal speaker, even the earpiece is dead for phonecalls! nothing but softreset helps :-(
Probably hardware does not fit together anymore 1oo percent. But maybe somewhere out there a small tool exist, capable of controlling the different sound outputs? Or do you have another idea for my issue?

regards, 2XS