Hello everyone. I bought a 680 in Shanghai. After finding the preference to have the main UI in English, it was working like a charm... until I upgraded the software. I used the 1.12-ROW and now I don't have the Chinese support. I'm not missing it sorely, but it would be nice that the SMS from my service provider (China Telecom) would not come as question marks...

Anyone has ideas? The bozos at Palm Support say that the SW updater was able to run and update my Treo by accident, since it was not intended for this version, and after 2 weeks of asking more and more info, they didn't give me any advise on how to revert the update or get the correct updater

My Firmware is R01.92 Hardware A. The original software was 1.05CKJ

Hopefully some of the knowledgeable users I've seen around in these forums will give ideas.