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    I recently downloaded Openchess for my 755 and noticed that all of the engines for the game are rated at 2300 or so. Are there any engines out there for this game rated a little(or maybe alot) lower? If not, what are some other alternatives for an average player(maybe 1200 or so)? I don't think I would be willing to pay $20 for a chess game btw.
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    In OpenChess, you can knock down the computer's rating drastically in "Game Options":

    Set time to 1 sec/move - this only affects the computers time limits, not yours. You might also want to set "Settings" (on same screen) to "Risky" or perhaps "Inexact"

    OpenChess is as good as it gets for a standalone Palm chess app in my opinion.

    But if youre interested in play vs humans, come and join us on the game server just for Palms - wifight! Chess is very nicely done there, and no-one has a skill level even remotely near 2300! Other games include checkers, Dots and Boxes. Its great, you can even chat online as you play.

    Info and totally free app available at



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