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    I wondered if anyone can help with this before I have to go to Service Center.

    My speaker and headphones have tons of static when listening to P Tunes.
    Not the work/doesn't work headphone problem. This statis comes through on headphones or playing on speakerphone. No call volume issues.

    When I listen with or without headphones, sounds horrible. I pulled card and played music on computer, it isn't the card.

    I do not want to take my pink phone into service center and get refurbished black, not acceptable.

    Any help or ideas on fix without going there? Will call CS service tomorrow (sigh)
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    did u try a hard reset maybe its just a glich search for centro hard reset
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    Yes, even tried playing with the headphone jack just in case in was that type of problem. It worked fine last time I used PTunes, now doesn't.
    Sprint C.S. said it could be anything - I loaded Takephone on it, no other unusual software, so I think its a hardware issue.

    Service Center said they would trade me out, but don't want refubished black phone. I' hope someone might have a good idea.

    It sounds like blown speaker, wierd, but you would think someone in Center could replace one.

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