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    I am looking for an app that I can use to assign to the little side button. I would like to be able to hold down the button and have the bluetooth module turn on and vibrate/beep to let me know that it is now on. If, I hold it down again, it will turn it off and notify me.

    I have a Centro and use a bluetooth HandsfreeLink in my car. I always forget to turn on the bluetooth and am looking for an easier solution.

    Is there any package out there that does this? As a point of reference, turning it on manually is not a real issue, but I would like to have a Bluetooth switch.

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    Both Takephone and 2Day have this as a feature, that cuts down on the number of steps (menu - B). Both are great programs that would add a lot of functionality.

    Otherwise, you can assign the programs BTon or BToff to a hotkey. They're available for free from here

    EDIT: Neither of the two above suggestions offer "notification" (beep or vibrate), however. I've never seen one that does. Perhaps somebody else has?
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    Another option is Power Hero which allows you to schedule turing BT off and on at certain times. But I don't think it has notification options.

    I am also thinking about updating my old TreoOFFOn app so it will turn BT off and on per your schedule. If I do it will be freeware and will include a notification of some sort.

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