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    ..............There are probably also ways to alter the fonts used by ZL, but I dont know about that.cheers
    FontSmoother allows you to change the font types/sizes. You can have different fonts for different apps. You just have to play around with them until you find the one that works best for you.

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    Wow you guys are being so helpful! ^_^. I went to Leslie Franke's site, and I was wondering how you get the tab's to show up accross the top of your screen.

    Like in this picture
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    Thats actually a native feature of ZL, but like many ZL features, not all that easy to discover!

    Just go to Options, ZL Prefs, General. At top of that screen youll see "Tab Mode". Set it to "Top".

    To create a new tab to appear in that area, go to Tab, "New Tab". To assign apps to that tab, you can just physically drag them onto it.


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