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    I just bought Take Phone and like it except for one major thing. Maybe there is a preference I missed. Here is the problem:

    My phone automatically locks when it powers off, requiring a password to access it.

    With the built in Phone App, if you receive an in-coming call while the phone is locked, and want to go to your address book or check a phone number in contacts, you press the calendar button, for example, and you get the log in screen. Enter your password and you go to the calendar and everything else works while on the call.

    With Take Phone, that doesn't work - if the phone rings while the phone is locked, all you can do is answer the phone - there is no way to get to any other programs until you hang up and log in. So if someone calls to ask you a phone number, or you need to check your calendar while on a call, you have to hang up and call the person back after unlocking it.

    That is unacceptable since I frequently have to check my calendar or get another phone number when I receive a call.

    Any fix for this?
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    Let the developer know. He has a great reputation around here so I bet you'll be pleased with his response.
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    Sbudaj -
    No doubt Shimon will post a reply for you here.

    ~ John

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