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    I know that ChatterEmail has a way to "listen" for an incoming SMS, and perform pseudo-push-email.

    I also know that there has been a lot of discussion of triggering outgoing SMSs when a calendar alarm goes off:

    But I'm looking for an application [similar to Chatter's capability] which can detect an incoming SMS, check the text for certain patterns, and if certain criteria are met then run a Palm application. In my case, I'm interested in running "Goosync" whenever the server informs me (via SMS) that it has added an appointment to my Google Calendar.

    Does such a beast exist for PalmOS?
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    SMSCommander... from Suntzu (, but that does not have the specific function you have in mind... but you could probably request Suntzu for this very desirable enhancement, as SMSCommander has everything in place, and robust too.
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    Thanks ... now that you've pointed out SMS Commander, I see that SMS Machine by the same author may be an even better fit since it already includes rule-based actions. I sent them a message with my feature request ... we'll see how it goes.
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    Chatter's thing took me a good three hours to work out with my TMO email address online, but now it works like a charm!

    yay SMS!
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