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    my ringtone voume and other app volume goes down alot whn the battery drops below 50 percent even if say the ring tone level is @ 7 is that normal?
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    My ringtone stays quite consistent throughout the daily use of my Cenro. I only get about 10 - 18 calls per day so that is not a lot of ringtone drain on the battery as I usually answer on the second ring.

    But then one must also realize that 'normal' is a very relative term.

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    ok so let me reword it

    should the volume get quiter on the external speaker as the battery drains
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    Personally, I have not noticed that the volume decreases as the battery is used throughout the day.

    At the end of the day, and I am home, it is still loud. Even when I am outside and flying one of my helicopters and my phone is in my pocket, I can hear it ringing.

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    "I'm your Huckleberry!"

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