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    There is a new version of SnapperMail available as of today (4.24.08).
    I've installed it and had no problems at all.
    Here are the changes per their version history ( )

    Version 2.4.0
    2008.04.24 PUBLIC RELEASE

    * Database code re-write to reduce corruption issues due to Palm OS NVFS system.
    * Alarm code re-write to work on Treo 755p, Treo 680, and Centro.
    * Send/Receive now stops when a phone call is received on phones supporting EvDO.
    * Navigation of message now uses left and right to get to URLs, and up and down only scroll.
    * TX (and other non-Treo devices) popup in message list now allows user to select option.
    * Phone number links now work on Treo 680 and above.
    * Preference for prev/next on delete now works.
    * Selected message is now retained for each folder.
    * Attachments from Exchange Manager now retain MIME type.
    * IMAP: NULL pointer bug in body structure parsing no longer causes a crash.
    * IMAP: RFC822 parsing with empty body parts no longer causes a crash.
    * Header parsing ends if invalid header field tag is found.
    * Increasing password length to 64 chars.
    * Increasing purge limits to 3 months.
    * Delete in the compose view no longer nags when Undo is not possible.
    * SSL trust certificate option is now truly sticky with warning in Connection log if certificate changes.
    * Added error string output to log file.
    * Reduced SSL logging and fix release records bug.
    * Workaround Gmail omitting body-fld-lines in body-type-msg.
    * Adding more chance for the system to load NetLib properly (this should prevent DNS problems and apparent server freezes.)
    * Prevent default 'memo' being included in list when device has 'PMem' which is new Memos creator.
    * Remove leading quote or less than from header in IMAP progress to match POP and SMTP.
    * Ignore winmail.dat in attachments.
    * Hack to allow .ics files to go to .vcs registered applications.
    * Changed name 'Blazer' to 'Web' in Preferences pull-down list to match application icon.
    * Blockquote indicator color is now different for each level.
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    Wow, 2 years inbetween release notes? lol.

    Good to hear though, I love Snappermail.

    This might just keep me from switching to WM!
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    tks for the heads up Nelson1
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    just updated with no problems. i have had snappermail since the beginning and it is really rock solid.
    morris stalk
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    One of my all-time favorite Palm programs....thanks for the news!
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    Yes, Snappermail > all
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    I wish they would incorporate EAS into the program. I would love to go back to Snapper.
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    I wish Snappermail would include EAS too. I can't justify the price otherwise.
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    yeah especially with the increased use of email these days you would think they would catch on and put a EAS plugin for their software... but if it took them 2 years to even release an update it might be to hard for them.
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    ...If I have to ask, I probably don't need it. But, what is EAS?

    Thanks for your reply.
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    I kinda don't think they are trying to expand their customer base in particular.

    The good thing is that at least Snappermail works with my Gmail IMAP, whereas VM fails completely with my specific account and Sprint Mobile Email is just too large (although it relatively works for me).

    EAS = Exchange Active Sync. Your device stays connected to the email server and gets real-time push email (contacts sync, datebook sync, email sync).
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    I would be carefull about going to the nwe release. I installed it and autoupdate stopped working. I have since backed it out.

    I am using standard edition on a 755P

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    autoupdate as in auto-pull email?

    Works for me with no problems. I'm using enterprise though.
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    I'm using the Premier Edition and auto pull is working fine.
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    Former Treo & Storm Owner
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    Yes - I am using standard edition and it is not working for me.

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    How does snapper hold up to Chatter? Does it do IDLE push email with IMAP accounts? Chatter also does my exchange account at work with ease (web access I think)... does snapper handle this?

    I'd consider trying snapper out if there are improvements over chatter. Chatter works well technically, but it seems to bog my phone down a bit. Could just be the phone is slow though.
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    No Snapper does NOT idle, only Chatter does at this time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by reverendrhino View Post
    No Snapper does NOT idle, only Chatter does at this time.
    Heh, didn't they say IMAP Idle was the next big todo?

    Man I miss Chatter...
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    That was their exact words that I remember. You would imagine after 2 years of waiting for a new update, they'd figure it out...Oh well, I still use Chatter, Snapper is just my back up.
    "A man who drinks only water, has something to hide to his fellow man."

    My beer blogs:

    Rev. Rhino on Flickr

    Rev. Rhino on Twitter
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    Well, I did the upgrade Premier edition.
    Have a 700P Verizon - very stable

    Shortly after the upgrade, I started having resets when using Quicksheet v7.6.4, Diet & Exercise Assistant, trying to add details to an appointment (DateBk6), etc, etc.

    Did a hard reset, wiping all data, then a restore from prior to the upgrade, and back to being rock solid.

    Don't have any idea what it is conflicted with, but will, for the time being, settle for the older version.

    Any thoughts?
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