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    Ok, so I got a Centro on last Monday as a result of breaking my trusty T650 ("no I can't get you a 755p, and it'll take forever to get parts for the 650 if we even can..."). I wasn't so keen on the Centro while standing in the store, but accepted it. Anyway, that's a tangential story.

    I went and got a couple of 4gb microSD cards right away (they came with normal-sized SD-card adapters), and have found that my existing PCMCIA and USB card readers won't handle them.

    So, after some googling around, it seems that ExpressCard is the new trend for laptops (my new one has such a slot), but what isn't clear to me is which ExpressCard- or USB-based SD-card reader/writer to go with.

    I have a PNY 4-way PCMCIA card reader/writer that I really like because it fits flush in the slot and I just leave it in all the time.

    In my looking around I didn't note any of the newer ExpressCard-based card reader/writers that fit flush into the ExpressCard slot -- they all appear to have a "box" that will protrude from the side of the laptop when the card reader/writer is installed.

    Does anyone know of a ExpressCard-based SD-card reader/writer that (a) can handle 4gb and greater SD-cards, and (b) fits flush into the ExpressCard slot?

    Also, has anyone tried any of the USB-based microSD-card read/writers? I.e. the little ones that look like a physically small USB-disk? Any recommendations?

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    ah ha! found this in this post/thread

    DataTraveler Reader
    "Now you can store, transfer and read files all in one affordable, convenient device. DataTravelerŽ Reader from KingstonŽ is a standard USB Flash drive with an onboard expansion slot to read SD, SDHC, MMC, MMCplus™ and with adapter (not supplied), miniSD, microSD, RS-MMC, MMCmobile™ and MMCmicro™ cards. The all-in-one form factor of USB Flash drive and card reader makes DataTraveler Reader ideal for users wishing to minimize the amount of devices they carry. "

    Anyone have one of these? How well does it work if so?

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    Ok, so some reviews of the above-mentioned Kingston DataTraveler Card Reader indicated kinda high rates of "infant mortality", and dissatisfaction with the unit's case -- though those negative reviews were outnumbered by positive ones. I.e. YMMV.

    On further refining search criteria, I found these..

    Cables Unlimited Card Reader ExpressCard 34mm (IOC9750)

    ..which are as-yet unreviewed on Amazon, but there's one (positive) review on, which provides a possibly helpful hint on using this unit.

    There are other ExpressCard-based < > "Card Readers" there at and that I (finally) found, but careful reading reveals that all of them I looked at, except the one above, likely do not support "SDHC" (Secure Digital High Capacity) format < >.

    So I've ordered the Cables Unlimited Card Reader noted above. I will endeavor to report back as to how it works for me.
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