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    I was trying to purge the phone list in my Treo 650 (Verizon). It appeared to be in some kind of loop for over 30 minutes. No key had any effect. I opened the back and dropped the battery out. I let it sit and put the battery back in. It now appears the phone application has become toast. It doesn't appear to be the phone's electronics because it still powers up and connects. It also receives SMS and data transmissions, but the phone app is nowhere to be found. The green phone icon-key goes nowhere, it just re-loads the current screen. I found the TAKEphONE app and downloaded it via SMS to the phone. All appears OK until I dial or receive a call. Dialing a call goes nowhere; answering an incoming call resets the phone. Any suggestions?
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    Have you tried a hard reset of the phone? It will wipe everything off that you have downloaded to the phone, but you have a backup on your computer from the last time you did a hotsync. The hard reset will put the phone back to factory settings, hopefully your phone app will re-appear.
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