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    hi, im new to the world of the smart phone. i am trying to get a custom ringtone and ive tried to record it but it dont sound very good at all. iw as wondering if you could tell me the best was to do it and also i can't get on line to get a ring tone b/c i had the internet features turned off. is it possible to up load a ring tone from a sd card? if so can you tell me how. i know how to get them on the card and know there there b/c they work in the pocket tunes. thanks jeremiah
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    A search for musictones, ringtones, et cetera - lots all ready there. Ben
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    Try MiniTones, its free. You an make your own ringtones from music you have loaded on your card.
    Just save to desktop, use Quick Install to transfer to phone. Do same with music.

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