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    I was wondering if anyone had a good suggestion for a podcatcher program for my Centro (I'm guessing you can also use it for a Treo). It's not something that I'd use for all the podcasts that I'd listen to. However, when I'm out an about, and want to download something like a CNN News Update Podcast, it would be nice to have. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks )
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    I use the following programs:

    a) QuickNews is an RSS feed aggregator that can also automatically download and manage podcasts via a preset time interval. It can also call a media player (e.g. PocketTunes or Kinoma, see below) and stream the podcast without download.

    b) Kinoma Player 4 EX can also handle RSS feeds and stream the podcasts directly. It also has a setting to download the podcast to the SD card. However, it can not do downloads automatically (e.g. at a preset time intervall). But the streaming capabilities are very good.

    There're other programs that can do the job as well (CorePlayer, Resco Neeews!).


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