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    I had a Treo 755p and it was messed up and it wouldn't hotsync so I got a new Treo 755p from Sprint and a new hotsync cable as well just in case - and now the new one won't hotsync either. It tries to when I push the button but it always times out and I get that noise from the USB on the laptop like its trying.....(I have Windows Vista 32 bit Home). I am fairly certain that it could be my laptop.palm desktop software settings that is the problem since neither Treo would hotsync - can anyone tell me tips on how to make your laptop sync with the handheld better??? Is there something I am doing wrong - I am not a Palm rookie -I have hotsynched for years.......any advice?
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    Question - what version of the PC software are you using? The older version - the one that came with my 755 - does not work correctly with Vista. You can get the new version from the Palm web site.

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    When did the Palm Desktop software become compatible with Vista? I am assuming the first 755p was syncing with this laptop and Vista at one point?
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    They had a beta Palm Desktop that worked with Vista for quite some time, which is no longer a beta now.
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    But I didn't think this worked with the 755p but with older Treo Models.
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    I believe it works with the centro as that is one on the new centro setup disk. The 755P and Centro are basicly the same phone.

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    I am about to get a new PC with Vista and upgrade to a 755P from the 650. I most likely will install new 755P code on old pc/w2k get contacts etc moved over. Then buy the Vista PC and reload the 755P code to PC so I can continue syncing. Anyone see any issue in this approach. 650 has been good to me and look forward to 755P which now sounds very stable with last update. Thanks
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    Check the version of the PC software on the CD. If it is not the 6.2 (or greater) version it is not going to work correctly on the Vista system. What I would do is when you get the new PC, load the CD on it and then download the 6.2 software from Palm and install it on the Vista system. Then you can safely sync the 755 to the new PC.

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    Try this: good to your Hotsync icon in the tray on your PC, right click and select setup, choose the local tab, you will see the speed is set to "as fast as possible" click the drop down and choose 115200. If that doesn't work try the next lower speed, then the next.

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