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    Has anyone else seen this? Apps I use near daily never have problems, but other programs that I use like once a month or less always make my 755p soft-reset. It's not every program, but it's many programs. Off the top of my head I can think of Google Maps and Ptunes. Whenever I reinstall them they work immediately and then it seems like the problem comes back over time.

    I'm using the latest versions of the software as well. My 755p has been updated and I'm running Versamail 4 (which also crashes on occasion, generally when switching away from Versamail to home, the phone, etc.).

    Anyone else see this?
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    Sounds like you have corrupt data somewhere. There are two ways to troubleshoot it. First, you could download a trial of SafeGuard from, follow all the installation instructions, then launch one of the apps you know usually crashes and then go back in SafeGuard and see what it says is the likely culprit. My guess is that it is probably an app the runs in the background as that is the most logical explanation for why it is crashing more then one app. Another thing you could do is download a trial of DBFixIt from, and scan each of your DB files and see if there is any corrupt files. If so, buy the app and then you can fix the corrupt fles (or alternatively, you can delete the DB files using a freeware app like FileZ or another file manager, and then either reload the DB from the application it came from, or let it re-create itself -some do, some don't - (but know you'll lose whatever data was in that DB). Good luck.

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    I tried the DBFixIt and it only found 1 error in all DBs (a calendar entry which has start date>end date) but I'm sure that's not the problem.

    Of course everything is working right now since I reinstalled everything. When the problems start occurring, I'll give it a go. It doesn't appear to check the Versamail DBs. I am having issues with Versamail sometimes so I'd like to check it.

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