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    The most recent list I have been able to find is from a few years ago.

    Does anyone have an exhaustive, updated list of compatible bluetooth headsets for the 700p? Also, any particular favorites, better quality, etc.?

    I'm about to head to NJ on vacation and I live in CA - we don't have the cell phone law out here yet, but they do out there and I don't need a ticket while I'm on the road.

    Thank you!
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    I'm affraid that the list you have is probably the most recent one. If anything, check Palm's website and compare there.

    The best course of action is perhaps post a forum entry listing the headset(s) you want and then see if somebdy in the community has had luck running the headset with the 700p.

    For a while I have seen the best BT headsets that do work with the 700p are the Jabra JX10 and the Jawbone...
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    Headsets are a good idea, even if the law doesn't require it.
    As to wireless headset reliability, it's spotty, at best. Some swear by specific headsets, others have problems with the same ones.
    The most reliable, I guess, are the wired headsets.
    Best advice is to purchase a highly rated one (from a quality merchant), and save the receipt. If it isn't reliable, return it and try another.
    I went through a number of headsets (Motorola) and finally ended up with one that is super reliable (although a little expensive for a headset) new Toyota has BT and it works great.
    I'm about to head to NJ on vacation
    Thanks for wanting to keep the Garden State safe, by the way, you do know that gas in NJ is a lot cheaper than in CA, right?

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