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    I just know that when people try to Rom update their phones, sometimes they run into trouble. I found that palm had an update for the Sprint Treo 755p and was wondering if it would be worth the update from 1.04? If anyone has an idea let me know. Thanks!
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    I think it is. the only thing that pops out as a new feature is that it shows arrows next to texts now to let you know who spoke last without diving into the chat. it sped up my device (almost never see white loading screen of death) and I personally have noticed a slight reduction in soft resets. as long as you have a minisd card (not a microsd to minisd convertor), I'd go for it. and i'd grab the versamail update for centro after you run the rom update. between those two it has made my treo more productive. good luck and don't hesitate to ask if you need help.
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    after I updated mine, seems like it works a lot better. less lags between apps, new versamail from centro is good too.
    it's a bit pain, but i'll def. go for it
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    thanks for your help guys! I'll give it a shot
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    Worked great for me!
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