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    Ok - so many of us have had BT headset problems but this is just too far out.

    With my original 700p, it would sometimes go a few weeks without BT connect/disconnect problems but lately it was just not working very well (not to mention apps slow as molasses). So I took it in and had it swapped. 2 700's later, I discover that my BT headset is working as well as it ever has. And I am still using the same apps as before (I did a full restore from SD Card).

    What the heck is going on? It's got to be something flaky in the hardware.

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    It's been a while since I posted this, but there is no doubt in my mind that there have been significant variations in the 700P hardware over time. I have had mine for over almost 18 months at this point. I have never had BT problems, I've never had reset problems except when it was explainable by my actions, and I've never installed the update; I'm still running the software that came with the unit. I have maybe one reset a month, I'm running tons of software, and except for skipping Ptunes and the lack of true voice dialing, the 700P does everything very well. I suppose I have been extremely lucky....but I'm actually not looking forward to having to replace it at some point. At the same time, others were having horrible frustrating problems. Has to be the chipset.
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    I have a similar experiance as davidra. I agree that the hardware has got to have some variability with different chips/chipsets or quality control issues in the chips.
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    Completely agree. I have gone through 4 devices and they all had quite different Bluetooth characteristics:

    - First one BT was not reliable at all
    - Second one was very good, however I had to replace it for other problems
    - Third was spotty. It would only work reliably after a Hard reset.
    - This fourth one seems to handle everything well except for the headset. There will be times when the headset will not simply pair and I have to go through leaps and bounds to get it to work.

    Good thing my contract is almost done, so I'll definitely migrate to better pastures and better smartphones.
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    A friend of mine was experiencing the same problem with his 700p, using the same BT headset. He got a Jawbone BT headset and it resolved all his issues. So it would seem that the varying hardware has problems with varying headsets. Ugh.

    Sprint Pre & Motorola H300 BT headset

    Dead devices: Palm Pro; Palm III; Treo 600, 650, 700p, 755p; Centro
    Yes, I finally updated my tagline!
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    I had two different types of BT headsets with the same 700p (post MR Update).
    One was the Motorola H3, which was unreliable. Motorola sent me a new one which was equally unreliable. Both worked well with a full charge, but after a few short calls and 30 minutes removed from the power cord, it was 'anything goes'.
    I recently purchased a Toyota with BlueTooth built in. It works with 99% reliability (turning the car off an on again restores connection, this happened twice in six months since I've had the car).
    Now, if the same handset has the same issues with two different headsets (of the same model) and performs nearly flawlessly with another, I think the issue is with the headsets, not the Treo.
    Were it the Treo's fault, the Toyota wouldn't have worked as well as it has, right?

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