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    Why does Palm make you pay for alot of the programs you would expect on a phone? Like an alarm clock and graffiti. They make you pay 15 to 20 bucks a pop. I just I'm just a fan of free stuff. Oh, and are they going to make that enfora wi-Ffi adapter for the 755p? And any experences with this product?
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    World Clock has alarm functionality, which is free.
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    Thats kind of a weird place to put it, thanks man.
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    They have some graffiti freeware for Palm also.,20.html

    Haven't used it so I can't really comment.
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    Palm has said in the past that they do not want to discourage people from creating programs. If every time a cool program came out or function came out like butler, and palm then released there on version into the phone, butler would be out of business and would stop creative thinking. Honestly, the only reason i stay with Palm is the amount of new and exciting programs out there.

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