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    I need a quick favor to get Treo Voice Dialing working with Sprint (CDMA) Centro.

    Version 2.0.53 is out, but not downloadable online. Consequently, it's the only version that the CDMA Centro (Sprint) will allow to install. The only way to get this version is to extract it from a GSM Centro (AT&T/Cingular).

    I'm not sure why Palm let this happen, but I really miss this program, ever since I bought it for my 700p last year.

    So basically, I'm looking for someone who has an AT&T GSM US Centro to extract the following files from their phone RAM for me:

    * VoiceDial.prc
    * VoiceDial_enUS.prc
    * VoiceDial68K.prc

    Someone with a German GSM Centro got me their files, which DID work. But unfortunately, I don't speak German.

    I don't want to use Voice DialIt, because it needs to be trained. And I don't want to pay $6 a month to Nuance for a non-trainable voice dialer that needs to connect to the internet every time you issue a command.

    I have put a lot of time into this research. Hopefully someone can give 5-10 minutes of their time to U/L these files. Your simple contribution will be a huge help the great many CDMA Centro users out there!

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    Anyword on this. I used Treo Voice Dialing with my ATT 680 and loved it. Moved to Sprint Centro and miss this app. Wish I could help.
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    Where are these files?

    I have an Australian issue Centro which came with voice dial standard (unlocked GSM).

    Would this help?

    If you can tell me where the files are on the phone and how to send to you, happy to oblige.
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    Hey BigMatza,

    This thread hasn't been updated in awhile, but have you had any luck getting those Treo Voice Dialing files for all of us long suffering Sprint Centro owners? Please let us know. Cheers!
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    I would say save your time and effort as that Voice Dial program BLOWS
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    Voicedial on my centro wont work and my centro restart every time i start the voicedial application, i hard rest my centro but still same problem!
    anybody help?
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    see... it is crud at this stage.. AND if you do get it to work, it is cumbersome and rarely recognizes anything you say.. I stick by my guns as I tried hard to use it and it just simply BLOWS
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    Actually, it works very well for me on the Verizon Centro. You just have to make sure that you say the name of the phonebook entry exactly as it's entered, i.e. with first and last name. If the entry has both first/last names, and you only say the first name, it won't find the right entry. I've had to go into my database and change some of the entries so I can easily speak the names.
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    yeah... I want to change my phone book setup to work with the voice dial program? not. I had a built in voice dial app on my Kyocera Slider once and it was the BOMB.. worked every single time and I did not have to modify any entry. that is how it should be done. it was not a stand alone app like this is vice dial, which is inherently cumbersome, as it was seamless and integrated into the system.

    glad it works for you - with your modifications that is - as others, like me in other threads, report that app to be bunk at best.
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    Just checking this thread periodically since I started it. Not one person has attempted to get these 3 files for me yet, so I haven't been able to post the package for the rest of the CDMA Centro users. Isn't there anyone out there who can help?

    To get the 3 files, use Resco Explorer to copy the files to your SDIO card. Then transfer to your desktop.
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    Here is to hoping someone helps out. I have been playing with a Treo 700WX for a few weeks and just picked my centro back up this weekend. I like the centro form factor alot better, but would really miss the voice dialing.
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    if someone could get these files up that would be awsome and helpful for many people. I've tried a few different voice recognizers but none of them offer like this one. someone please post up the files, you'd be helping out tons of us poor sprint users
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    Voice dial come standard with the Australia GSM version. It works, but struggle a bit with the Aussie accent. Anyway I have got the 3 files, not sure how that can be upload or send to you guys. Send me a private message?
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    I sent you a pm containing my email if you could mail them to me please
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    I sent you a pm containing my email if you could mail them to me please
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    Here are the files from GSM. There looks to be 4 actually.
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    Thanks for posting the files! I really miss this program on my Centro, too. If they'd provide a Centro version, I'd buy it again in a heartbeat! No way will I ever use that Nuance subscription "have-to-go-online-first" supposed replacement.
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    how do I install these files? I've already tried downloading them with my phone, should I use my comp and hot sync instead
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    You can't just HotSync these files to your Sprint Centro. You get this error message:

    "- Invalid handheld file deleted: C:\Program Files\Palm\AC\Install\VoiceDial.prc"

    The other three files HotSync just fine, its the VoiceDial.prc file that's the problem. There has to be some other way to install these files on the Sprint Centro and I'm hopeful BigMatza knows how.

    So what do you think big guy, can you make them work?
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    yeah i got the same results when trying to hotsync the files. they wont download directly to the phone correctly either. how did you get the german files to work big>?
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