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    I'm sorry if it seems like I post a lot, it's just that every few days I find somethign I really need for my Treo 700p and I can't find it on google. Well, most of the time I can't find it on google.

    Today I'm looking for a replacement battery meter icon thingy for my treo 700p. (the icon, top right, shows battery). For one, it's not accurate with it's percent. The blue can still be completely filled in the battery but it could be at 75%. Another thing, I don't want to have to keep hitting it to see my percentage (which I have to do, especially since it's not accurate at all until it shows the percentage). I was hoping to find one that is more accurate, and shows the percentage over the top of the battery or something similar. I just don't want to have to"try" and tap on it every day a bunch -_-.

    Oh and it needs to be FREEWARE!

    Thanks guys .
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    look for nexave by metaview. Its a replacement keyguard window and it displays batery in percentage.
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    ...or a similar TopGuardEx by RNS::
    RNS:: software for your Treo!
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    i've made replacements for that but none like you're describing. as palm has it, there's no way to make the meter more accurate than it already is. i think there are like 10 different states for it. one alternative you might look at is treolauncher. it'll display the exact percent of charge next to the battery icon while in the launcher
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    If your interest in watching the battery is in preserving your battery you may want to check out powerhero. while it does not replace your meter it gives you a lot of control, and is especially useful if you frequent areas (or rooms) with no signal. It does a very good job in estimating remaining battery life in hours and you can toggle to a very detailed batyery stats and usage graphs and go back to your app at any time. depending on what apps you use it has a plug in that will display the battery life estimate.

    Its not free but I love it.


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