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    Hey Guys,
    My name is Braden Napier. I am apart of the new palm gaming company, OneSpot Games. We have recently begun porting a few of our popular games over to Palm OS and are looking for a few fun and exciting ideas for games to make in the near-future!
    We are expecting to release 3 of our games in the next two months and are working on a RPG for the future ACCESS and Android platforms. However, inbetween these projects, we need your help in choosing the best games to program. I want to involve the Palm community as much as I possibly can in the development of games and applications and figure the best way is to simply ask! We will also release our games at discounts to all palm community members. This means I will post coupons for savings from _our_ official store on treocentral, treonauts, etc.

    We also require a few good graphic artists for our games. The position will be paid and you will have a chance to work in an exciting environment - email me at (our website is currently under construction).

    Thanks alot for your help guys,

    Braden R. Napier

    P.S we are also looking into application development under a different company name.
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    P.S - we are looking to make games that are innovative and use new ideas and methods. We are currently drafting a game that uses the Palm's camera to create unique and innovative gameplay.

    If your idea is used, I will be sure to pay you for your services to us. We could also use your help on where/how to market the mobile software and what has worked for you guys!

    I want to be as community - involved as I possibly can here!
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    Make an actual Basket Ball game, THAT would be awesome.
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    Hmm, I like the idea . May be hard to implement but I like it. Could you email that to me so I can archive it better? - maybe go in depth asto how you think it could/would play.

    We have our main game running in a Linux environment right now. We are revamping the graphics and porting it over to Palm as we speak. I am going to upload a few videos of gameplay so you guys can provide us with some feedback!
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    Ho about Zork? The ultimate classic, It was the first computer game I ever played and still one of my favorites. You could provide the text versuon as freeware and devolop a graphical one for sale.

    I'd pay!
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    Just two videos of one of the games coming out. It lags a bit because of how I had to video capture it. Instead of using a cursor, in the palm version you will tap the brick you want to rotate. The second video shows the arcade version, in this version we thought about Tetris and tried to incorporate it - overall its my favorite mode!

    - This shows gameplay of Classic Mode

    - This shows gameplay of Arcade Mode.
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    I like the classic mode and would like the game now please. Also, I like the bike or die game, but actually liked Elastomania a little better. A new game similar to that would be well received, at least by me.
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    Thanks for the feedback guys, keep it coming!
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    Gun game similar to Point Blank:

    Palm touchscreen works great for these types of games and they already exist on similar input devices like the Nintendo DS.

    This would DEFINITELY be a step-up from the typical "bubblebreaker" games
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    A nice Gun/Shooting game or a classic Qbert?
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    Marble Madness type game, where you draw the direction the ball should roll with your stylus through a series of puzzles/obstacles.

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