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    Has anyone figured out how to get delivery receipts for text messages? I used to get receipts without any problems from my UK network when I was using a Nokia phone, but my Centro seems to give an option for MMS receipts only. I really appreciated this function on my Nokia phones, so will be very grateful for a tip.
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    Network defendant IIRC.
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    Sorry, what does it mean? I am not that technically literate
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    I believe John Phillips meant that it's network dependent, meaning that it depends on whether your carrier has this feature or not.

    I'm using a GSM Centro with AT&T. Under Menu -> Option -> Preferences -> Messages tab, I can select how I want MMS or SMS message receipts delivered. I haven't requested a receipt so I cannot confirm whether this works or not.
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    My carrier (Virgin Mobile) definitely has this feature, as I had no problem setting it up on my previous phones. But Centro simply doesn't give me the SMS option, it seems to exist only for MMS messages. Is it possible that the European version of Centro, unlike the US one, simple does not have this feature? Has anyone from the UK had the same experience?
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    I have just checked the devices:

    White GSM Centro (Asia) - SMS Receipts option - Yes

    Black GSM Centro (UK) - SMS Receipts ooption - Yes

    But I didn't check whether it is working or not.
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    One can add a string - on my carrier it is "#N*" - at the begining of an SMS to enable that option.

    Search these forums, I remember an older thread on this. Other carriers may have other setup strings (required for each SMS sent out)
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    The option to set it up exists on my Centro purchased in Australia, which is unlocked GSM, but I really believe that very few carriers actually support this function.
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    Probably relevant - even if your network supports SMS receipts, the carrier DB (or similar) determines whether the option is available, and Palm seem inconsistent about enabling this:

    lilypod - what UK network are you using?
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    My UK Network is Virgin Mobile. I read on a different forum that there are codes specific to each network (eg *N#) one can type in before the text of an SMS to enable the receipts feature. Maybe you know one for Virgin Mobile?

    By the way, what is carrier DB ?
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    I put in *0# (space) before an SMS and got a delivery receipt! It certainly works with Virgin Mobile UK. So thanks very much for all your replies and suggestions.

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