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    I have been reading that the red treo's have been discontinued, but i just got a NEW one from Asurion, could it be possible that it is making a come back?

    I always had the blue thinking this color was too girly, but MAN does it look good... i am soo glad they sent this to me...

    Kinda sad to see my 7 day old replacement treo break before this one, it was smashed when i fell on it.

    Still not too bad, what sucks is i lost my blackberry on Monday, and then broke my Treo on Tuesday, so i have been in widrawls from the keyboard. lol
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    If the colors are being phased out there would still be some stock left, so I don't think it would be possible to determine from 1 instance really.
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    You are probably right about that, but i have been trying forever to get one of these, and asurion was out of stock in the 755P's for some time, and then they got them and it was burgandy.

    Who knows, all i know is that i LOVE this color.
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    for what it ia worth, i got a replacement at asurion as well. they told me that the blue was unavailable though.
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    The blue color too girly? Whatever, dude...
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    Quote Originally Posted by glenada View Post
    The blue color too girly? Whatever, dude...
    I believe the OP was referring to the burgundy being too girly..

    my 2 cents
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    I got a brand new in box blue 755Pfrom the store, I went to 3 stores looking for a burgundy, but no dice. As mine was being replaced thru warranty they told me to take it or keep my old buggy 700P, so I took the blue and ran with it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by egn View Post
    I believe the OP was referring to the burgundy being too girly..

    my 2 cents
    Wha!!! No way, Burgundy looks oh so cool, no way its girly, its Manly! lol Deep red looks nice, but if it was bright red like that centro, than yah, I'd have to agree about it being girly.

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