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    Help! I need someone to guide me through the process of wired syncing with my Palm Centro. My job has Outlook Exchange but the securiy does not allow for wireless syncing. However, I know I am able to syncing via the cable because my 700wx easily syncs over a wired cable connection. It is as if there is not a way to do this in Versamail--- the palm rep told me I need to configure my outlook" and sent me to a lame walkthrough. Can anyone explain to me in laymans terms how to sync via a wired conneciton so I can shoot my email over to the Centro-- thank you.

    p.s., I am somewhat of a noobie so I may not be able to understand all the EAS/POP/IMAP lingo
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    Please Heklp
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    I haven't done this for over a year. I remember the conduit installation walked me through the process and it was pretty easy.
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    You will be able to sync most of your data EXCEPT email. That is a cold, hard fact and there's no way around that (sorry ). The only way to do it is through the email Exchange server, but for that you need IT permission. I am not aware of any 3rd party app that can copy emails to your device via synchronization. Besides that single action is actually penalized in many corporations as an unsafe bussiness practice (check with your corporate uberlords about that)

    Fro the other data I do it on a daily basis on the uber-chubby Centro (meaning 700p). This is what you need to do

    - I do this on XP: open Start-Programs-Palm-PM sync conduits and select sync with Outlook. If the option is not there, re-run your Palm installation and there will be a section where it will ask what you want to use as PM manager, either Outlook or Palm Desktop. Select Outlook.
    - Have Outlook open. Open your Hotsync icon (the one running in the task manager) and select Custom. Make sure everything is labeled as Synchronize the files and that Outlook is highlighted (example: Next to calendar, between parenthesis you have to read Outlook).
    - After making sure the above is set, sync your device.

    So now your device can sync to Outlook any day. It's easier if every time you sync Outlook is open, otherwise Palm has to open Outlook in the background, wait for it to sync to the Exchange server, and then start the Hotsync.

    You will be able to sync Calendar entries, Memos, Contacts and Tasks. Any Calendar entry you make on your Centro will be uploaded to the Exchange server next time you synchronize, so keep that in mind if there are appointments you don't want to upload to the corporate exchange for all to see.

    There are a bunch of 3rd party sync apps that are more powerful than the conduits Palm includes in the Centro, allowing you to select what entries you upload to the PC and which ones don't. The only one I have used was Chapura PocketMirror but there are tons more out there.

    Hope this helps.
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    I wonder why they would not include the wired email sync like WM5 has on my Wx. It is so very useful.
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    I am willing to bet that you can use POP or IMAP to sync your email wirelessly. Alternatively, if you can get your email remotely through a VPN connection from home, you can subscribe to a service called SEVEN. Then SEVEN will act as a passthru and allow you to sync all Exchange data with your Centro.

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    Yeah.. If you have Sprint service, they have a service called Business Connection. It is Sprint's version of Seven email. Basically, you run a client on machine at home that acts as a proxy server between your Centro and your Corporate email.

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