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    Has anyone used a Anycom FIPO Bluetooth with the Centro? I know you would need SAG. Can anyone confirm this actually works with the Centro?

    It is basically a plug for any IPOD accessory that lets you stream via bluetooth to that accessory. I'm considering getting one to use with a FM Transmitter for my car. It is also sold at Sprint as the Anycom Bluetooth Music Station Converter. Its only $39 at the Sprint Store, which is cheaper than anywhere else.

    Here is the Sprint link.

    Here is the Anycom link.
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    I have the FIPO... it's really a fun idea and functions well. I use it in my car which has a built-in ipod adapter. Unfortunately, the sound quality is pretty dismal and doesn't sound anywhere near as good as my stereo bluetooth headphones. I don't use it with a Centro, but I've tried with with a Tungsten T3 running SAG, and it works fine.

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