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    Can anybody explain to me why I should have both browsers on my Visor. It seems like AG does the same job as Blazer. All I want to do is browse the web.
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    AvantGo seems the fastest to me, but it doesn't have bookmarks which means I had to setup my own channel of frequently visited sites. Browse-It I keep around because you can download apps & files with it, even zipped. I don't use Blazer, I think its over rated, but it can be useful since it supports WAP site.
    Matt Nichols
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    Matt, who makes Browse-it? Is there a web site?
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    Originally posted by svenopeter
    Matt, who makes Browse-it? Is there a web site?
    It is by PumaTech. Check out
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    Avant Go seems to work much better than any of the other browsers I've tried. I use it for the vast majority of my browsing. I do keep, however, Browse-it and Eudora Web on my Prism just in case there's a site that Avant Go can't get to.
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    I keep avantgo and Eudora web on my visor. Eudora has the monstrously huge advantages of bookmarks (in fact, it syncs with my desktop bookmarks, so I get all ~70 of them, neatly organized), and the fact that it works just fine with frames. I haven't tried to use avantgo with frames in a long time, but the earlier version I tried did not like frames at all.

    I use avantgo for the sync'ed channels, and occasionally wireless browsing. But typically, for wireless I want my bookmarks. I've been contemplating doing what the above poster mentioned, setting up my own channel just for my bookmarks, but really, I see no reason to go through the trouble considering what a great job eudora web does with bookmarks.

    One good place to have bookmarked in eudora web is, it's got the addresses to many of the pda-entrances to major sites.

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    Ah yes, I forget EudoraWeb - I use that also since as people have said, its more conveniant for wireless browsing.
    Matt Nichols

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