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    I have a problem. When my Centro does a softreset my phone radio is not turning on by it's self. Is there a application that will make sure phone radio is turned on after a reset.

    I have missed a few calls because for some reason or another my phone reset in my pocket and I didn't know.

    Thanks a bunch in advance.

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    I know Sprint Mobile Email does this. Not sure what other apps.
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    My Sprint Centro's radio turns on when a soft reset is done, if the phone radio was on when the soft reset was done.

    If the soft reset was done when the phone radio was off, the radio will not turn on when the soft reset is done.

    With that said, you may have a 3rd party (add on software) application causing the problem, if your phone radio was on when the soft reset was done.

    Do you have any profile apps installed that control the phone radio?

    If you have add on software, and you have no idea what is causing the issue, I would suggest using a backup application like NVBackup (free) or Resco Backup (shareware) and backup your Centro's RAM.

    Then hard reset the Centro to dump the RAM.

    Then do a soft reset with the phone radio turned on. If the radio turns back on after the soft reset, then that would indicate an application issue and then you would need to install each app one at a time to determine which one was the cause.

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    Some application prompts will prevent the radio from turning on if the prompt sits there for too long after a soft reset. I've had that happen once, even with a 3rd party app forcing the phone to turn the radio on after each reset.
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    Your problem is somewhat typical if you had to perform a reset to the phone for previous errors or for whatever reason. When something gets corrupted inside the soft-reset may not clear all registers properly and the phone app won't turn on until you do it manually.

    To find out if it is a systematic issue due to a 3rd party app do the following:

    - Hard reset the phone to clear any extra apps (make sure you have backups and/or installation files to reinstall everythig later on)
    - Use the phone as you'd normally do for a few hours (sans the 3rd party apps)
    - Soft-reset the phone a few times and see if indeed the radio stays down or not.

    If you pass the test succesfully, then the 3rd party app may be the culprit. Install them one by one and re-run the test to find the culprit.

    If however the radio presents the problems even without any apps, you may need to replace the unit as it may be faulty.
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    Thanks to all who helped. I found out what it was.. As suspected it was a third party app called profiles. I use this utilty to change settings at times during the day. I disabled and deleted it from my Centro and the phone radio turns on after a reset. I then re-installed the application and the phone still turns on after a reset. I think somehow a setting got corrupt and removing and re-installing fixed the problem.

    Thanks again

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