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    OBD2 Cable to USB Port:

    USB female to female converter type A:

    Sync cable one end into treo, one end into female usb port...

    What do you think? For a cheap obd2 reader, it seams like it would work, but i don't know much about these things
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    I'd love to try out that program, but we still got to get the Treo to talk to the car properly. A simple gender changer usb adapter isn't good enough as the sending and receiving wires would not cross. But on top of that the description for the software says it needs a serial cable.

    You would need a serial cable like this that connects to your Treo's athena connector. I couldn't find a treo serial cable, but maybe you can find one for one of the other models that uses the same connector.

    Then you would need an obd2 serial cable (may actually be cheaper as the electronics are simpler) and possibly a serial gender changer.

    I apologize if I confused the hell out of you...hopefully someone else can chime in to your thread as I'd be very interested in getting something like that working...
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    thanks for the info, i'll keep digging into this
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    so i would also need something like this to plug into the serial cable?

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