Is anyone else having disconnections from their provider's network when running mOcean 3.2x? I'm on a Sprint Treo 700p running the 1.10 firmware.

Basically, when I run mOcean, I'm getting disconnected from the Sprint network. After exiting the application, I notice if I attempt to make a call, send a text message, or connect to the web, I'm getting an error message. Specifically, when making a call, I'm getting the message that I cannot complete the call at this time, please wait a moment and redial. If I attempt to redial or make another call, I get the same message, ad nauseum, until I power down the radio, and power it back on. I've sent a message to MotionApps support, but nothing has come back yet.

It seems as though for some reason, mOcean is taking over the Radio, and the OS isn't aware it is no longer connected to the Sprint network, which is why it tries to make a call unsuccessfully.

Anyone else have this problem?