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    Has anyone come across scrabble starting the same game after you have installed GOOD 5? Scrabble by Handmark was working fine after I upgraded to GOOD 5, scrabble will repeat the same game after I select a new game. I uninstalled GOOD and scrabble, then reinstalled scrabble without GOOD and it works fine. The moment I install GOOD, it's back to repeating the same game.
    I've re-downloaded scrabble and still get the same issues.

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    I can't comment specifically on GMM's role in messing up Scrabble. But our experience has been that GMM 5 conflicts with many different 3rd party software programs we had loaded across the 6 different WM devices (representing a few dozen test users) we have in inventory. It caused us to move back to the 4.9x version. GMM was apparently made to be the only application running on Windows Mobile. And with the recent stories surrounding Motorola's slow demise I wouldn't count on it getting any better.

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